It takes decades to
build trust and brand value.
And seconds to lose it.

How? Say your organisation has 20,000 staff.
Now that they’re working from home, you have 20,000 new offices.
That’s 20,000 home printers that aren’t secure or compliant.
And that’s putting you and your customers’ sensitive data at risk.


Before Covid-19, 57% of large enterprises had
reported print-related security breaches.*

One can only imagine how significantly that number will increase
now that staff are increasingly using home printers.

*IDC LINK, June 2020

The solution is Print as a Service

Print as a Service is a print revolution. Forget old-school inflexible MPS, we’re on your team. We provide vendor-independent management, on a Microsoft-supported cloud platform. So we can manage all of your printers, and keep them secure and compliant, wherever they are.

Our end goal is to transform your business so you can eliminate print for good.

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    What is ?


    Our Microsoft Azure cloud platform manages your printers and encrypts your data to protect it from hacking. So your information is secure, for good.


    You can also control exactly what each user can view, print, and forward, and create audit trails, to ensure you’re compliant, for good.


    Our platform and management services support your business office printing as well. By moving you to the cloud, we can help you strip out costs and restructure your existing MPS agreements to save you money, for good.


    You manage the one relationship with us, and we manage everything else it takes to meet your global needs. That’s making print simple, for good.


    2 Phases

    We can move your whole business to in 2 phases.

    Phase 1

    Home offices


    We remove the risk and compliance issues of working from home by managing your home printers through our cloud platform.


    Business office

    Our cloud platform also manages your office printers, meaning you can eliminate your on-premise servers, downsize your office print fleet, and save money.

    Phase 2



    We analyse your business data on our cloud platform so that we can help you eliminate non-essential print. That means even more savings.


    If you want to make working from home both secure and compliant, and optimise your business office, we’ve got you covered.
    We hope you’ll join us, for good.

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